Introducing Gengo Girls

Introducing Genki Gengo Girls

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Obviously you can’t learn an entire language just from reading a four panel comic strip, but “Gengo Girls” will do its best to cover the basics and provide a fun way for more advanced students to review what they already know.



Blue: What did you think of yesterday’s Japanese assignment?

Yellow: I kind of… didn’t do it.

Blue: Oh my. Was it too hard?

Yellow: More like too boring! I just can’t get interested in reading our textbook.

Blue: But how are you going to learn Japanese if you don’t read the textbook?

Yellow: Easy! I’ll just find a web comic about two cute girls explaining Japanese to each other.

Yellow: Now strike a pose for the fourth wall!

Blue: We’ll do our best to help you learn Japanese, but you really should read a textbook too.