Gengo Girls #1: Minimum System Requirements

Genki Gengo Girls 1: Minimum System Requirements

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Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on hiragana. I just saved you something like twenty three key strokes. You’re welcome.

I personally found that the easiest way to memorize hiragana, and later katakana, was to split them up into groups of five based on what kind of sound they made. First I learned all the “vowel” sounds (あ い う え お) and then all the “K” sounds (か き く け こ) and so on.


Blue: Today I’m going to be talking about the things you need to know to fully enjoy this comic.

Yellow: Another “talking through the fourth wall gag? We did that last time.

Blue: It’s not a gag. The audience needs to hear this.

Blue: First off, you’re going to need to know how to read hiragana. It’s a 46 letter Japanese alphabet where each symbol represents a one-syllable sound.

Blue: We’ll use hiragana to teach you how to pronounce new words.

Yellow: It might also be useful to learn katakana. It’s an alternate alphabet used mostly for foreign words.

Yellow: Shows up in manga sound effects a lot too!

Blue: Memorizing 46 symbols isn’t all that hard. Just make some flash cards or look for an online tutorial!

Blue: You can do this!

Yellow: There are even phone apps for learning hiragana!? Wish I had known that BEFORE making all those flash cards…