Gengo Girls #4: It’s The Principle Of The Thing

Genki Gengo Girls #4: It's The Principle Of The Thing

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With the alphabet out of the way (you did memorize the hiragana like I asked you to, right?) we can start moving on to actual words.

I’ll try to introduce four or five new words a week. When I first use a word I’ll show you the kanji symbol for that word, the hiragana pronunciation and the English definition. From then on I’ll just stick to using the kanji.

So basically I’m asking you to memorize up to five kanji symbols a week, which is pretty easy. Even so you might want to copy paste the “vocabulary” section of each post into a personal dictionary for later reference.


おはよう = good morning

いい = good

天気 = てんき = weather


Yellow: Practicing the alphabet is fine, but I’m ready to learn some actual Japanese!

Blue: Hmmm… let’s start with a morning greeting then.

Blue: おはよう means “good morning”.

Blue: After a greeting you can move on to some small talk.

Blue: I’ll start by saying いい 天気 です ね, which means “Nice weather, isn’t it?”

Blue: Then you agree by saying いい 天気 です ね back to me.

Yellow: What if I don’t think the weather is nice?

Blue: It’s polite to agree anyways.

Yellow: But that would be lying.

Yellow: Even a little white lie can spiral out of control and ruin your life.

Yellow: It starts with lying about the weather but the next thing you know you have to fake your own death and move toArgentina!

Blue: It’s just small talk. I promise that won’t happen.