Gengo Girls #9: Fill In The Blanks

Gengo Girls #9: Fill In The Blanks

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Esperanto is an artificial language specially designed to be easy for Europeans and other Westerners to learn. It’s actually been really successful as far as artificial languages go but it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to become the universal, global tongue the inventors hoped it could be.


言語ガールズ #9

Fill In The Blanks

Blue: Learning vocabulary isn’t much good if you don’t learn any grammer rules to go with it.

Yellow: Awww… I was hoping we could avoid grammer for a little bit longer.

Blue: The most important grammer pattern is how to say “A is B”.

Yellow: I actually know that one!

Yellow: AはB です “.

Blue: But watch out!

Blue:The は is pronounced more like “wa” than the usual “ha” and the です is pronounced more like “des” than “desu”.

Yellow: Hey, isn’t 日本語supposed to be a phonetic language?!

Blue: It’s mostly phonetic. Honest!

Yellow: All right… but keep springing surprises on me and I’m switching to Esperanto.