Gengo Girls #10: Shhh… They’re Listening

Gengo Girls #10: Shhh... They're Listening

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I did my best to come up with a comically outrageous conspiracy theory… but instinct tells me there’s probably at least one person out there who sincerely believes this. Which is silly because we all know the real alien threat is cybernetically enhanced war hamsters, not lizard clones.


= くに = country

楽しい = たのしい = fun, enjoyable


言語ガールズ #10

Shhh… They’re Listening

Blue: Now that we know the rule for “A is B” let’s take turns giving each other practice sentences to translate.

Yellow: Me first!

Yellow: Japan is a country.

Blue: 日本は国です

Blue: Japanese is fun.

Yellow: 日本語は楽しいです

Note: Read the columns right to left!

Yellow: The public school system is a cover-up for the ongoing lizard-alien-clone invasion.

Blue: I’m… not going to translate that.

Blue: For a variety of reasons.