Gengo Girls #11: Mouthwatering Metaphor

Gengo Girls #11: Mouthwatering Metaphor

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What’s better than a cake? Two cakes glued together with frosting.

What’s better than two cakes glued together with frosting? Three cakes glued together with frosting!


これ = this (noun)

それ = that (noun)


言語ガールズ #11

Mouthwatering Metaphor

Blue: Today is a vocab lesson.

Blue: これ means “this” and それ means “that”. But only as nouns!

Blue: But they can only be used as nouns!

“This is a dog” is okay, but you need different words for “This dog is cute”.

Yellow: So basically…



Blue: Exactly!

Blue: And I’m impressed by how you tied this into our last grammar lesson.

Yellow: Good lessons should build on top of each other, like a layer cake or learning.

Yellow: But that’s enough 日本語 for today. I just remembered I have some “chores” I need to do.

Blue: You’re going home to bake a layer cake, aren’t you?