Gengo Girls #16: Curiosity Killed The Cat

Gengo Girls #16: Curiosity Killed The Cat

Don’t you love it when a foreign language has easy grammar? Just add one syllable to the end of a sentence and it’s a question. No messy conjugations or word rearranging. Of course, not all Japanese grammar is this simple so enjoy it while you can.

Although to be honest I wouldn’t call any part of Japanese grammar genuinely “hard”. It’s mostly just “different”, which can make it seem harder than English related languages like Spanish or German.


= ねこ = cat


言語ガールズ #16

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Yellow: My grandpa always said “The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask”, but I don’t know how to ask questions in 日本語.

Blue: It’s easy! Just add to the end of a sentence and it turns into a question.

Blue: For example: それは猫です means “That is a cat.”

Blue: But それは猫ですか means “Is that a cat?”

Yellow: So the is like a spoken question mark?

Blue: That’s a good way to think of it.

Yellow: I wonder what a spoken question mark would sound like in 英語

Yellow: Maybe something like “?”

Blue: How did you even make that sound!?