Gengo Girls #19: Be Prepared

Gengo Girls #19: Be Prepared

I won’t lie; Electronic dictionaries are incredibly useful. I personally use for 99% of my Japanese needs and only break out my physical dictionary on those rare days when I’m tired of staring at a computer screen and need to give my eyes a break.

Still, knowing how to alphabetize words is a useful skill. You never know when you’ll need to do something low-tech like find a book in an alphabetized shelf or look someone up in a company registry.


寒い = さむい= cold


言語ガールズ #19

Be Prepared

Blue: Why don’t you try your dictionary skills by looking up the word さむい?

Yellow: Let’s see… It starts with an “S” sound which comes after the vowel and “K” sounds, so that’s the third section of the dictionary.

Yellow: あいうえおorder means that is the first S sound, so I should focus on the beginning of the “S” section.

Yellow: Next is. “M” sounds are near the middle of the Japanese alphabet, so さむいshould be in the middle of the words.

Yellow: comes after and so… Here it is: さむい means “cold”.

Blue: That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Yellow: Typing SAMUI into an electronic dictionary would have been faster.

Blue: But… umm… what if you need to look up a word during a power outage? That coul happen, right?

Yellow: Good point! I might need to talk to with a samurai during the zombie apocalypse.