Gengo Girls #23: Electronic Induced ADD

Gengo Girls #23: Electronic Induced ADD

Computers are amazing all-purpose devices. Maybe a little too all-purpose.

Anyways, if you want to try out an electronic kanji dictionary I suggest It’s free, easy to use and has an excellent database of both common and uncommon kanji. It’s my go-to resource when I need to translate something. Why not grab a kanji from a previous strip and see if you can find it?


言語ガールズ #23

Electronic Induced ADD

Yellow: The computer lab?

Blue: Digital kanji dictionaries have certain advantages over normal paper dictionaries.

Blue: One big advantage is that electronic dictionaries let you search for multiple radicals at the same time.

Blue: This let’s you pinpoint the exact kanji you’re looking for.

Blue: There might be a hundred kanji with the radical but there are only two with both the AND the radical.

Blue: Even you can’t complain about results like that.

Blue: So, do you want to give it a try?

Yellow: I found a video of a stuck in a box!