Gengo Girls #31: I See What You Did There

Gengo Girls #31: I See What You Did There

Look at you, conjugating verbs and everything. Just a few more lessons and we’ll finally be able to say something other than “A is B”. How exciting.


見る = みる = to see


言語ガールズ #31

I See What You Did There

Blue: The easiest verbs to make polite are the ones that end in an “iru” or “eru” sound.

Blue: The “ru” has to be but the “i” and “e” can be part of another symbol like or .

Blue: To make these verbs polite all you have to do is replace the with ます.

Yellow: I think I can handle that.

Blue: Here’s an example: みる becomes みます.

Yellow: I see.

Blue: That’s one possible translation.

Yellow: Translation of ?

Blue: No, a translation of 見ます.

Yellow: What’s a 見ます?