Gengo Girls #36: I Spy

Gengo Girls #36: I Spy

Take a few minutes to look at each of these three verbs and make sure you understand how to make them polite. Two of them use the “change the last sound to ‘i’ and add ‘masu’” rule and one uses the “replace final ‘ru’ with ‘masu’” rule.

Also we’re kind of cutting corners here. Very few people would actually say something like “That person walks”. They would be more likely to say “That person is walking”. But all we know for now are simple verbs so that’s what we’re going to practice.


遊ぶ = あそぶ = to play

= ひと = person

歩く = あるく = to walk

寝る = ねる = to sleep


言語ガールズ #36

I Spy

Blue: Let’s go to the park for some 日本語 practice.

Yellow: OK.

Blue: 犬は遊びます

Blue: あの人は歩きます

Blue: Aren’t you going to say anything?

Yellow: 私は寝ます