Gengo Girls #37: Victor’s Humility

Gengo Girls #37: Victor's Humility


Using “suru” to turn a noun into a verb isn’t that different from how we use “to do” in English. For example, you would never say “That man can math”, you would say “That man can do math”.

The big difference here is that “to do” comes before the noun but “suru” and “shimasu” comes after.


する = to do

来る = くる = to come

勉強 = べんきょう = study (noun)

勉強する = to study (verb)


言語ガールズ #37

Victor’s Humility

Yellow: I found two verbs that don’t follow the normal polite conjugation rules.

Blue: You must be talking about する and 来る.

Blue: The polite form of する is します and the polite form of 来る is きます.

Yellow: Oh… I guess you already knew about them.

Blue: する is especially important because it can be used to turn certain nouns into verbs.

Blue: Like turning 勉強 into 勉強する.

Yellow: I was really hoping I had learned something before you this time.

Blue: It’s not a competition.

Yellow: You’re only saying that because you’re winning.