Gengo Girls #41: You Can’t Make Me

Gengo Girls #41: You Can't Make Me

Remember, there is no future tense in Japanese so you’re going to be using the same negative verbs for both describing the present and the future. Depending on the sentence you put it in “benkyou shimasen” can mean “I’m not studying right now”, “I don’t study in general” or “I am not going to study in the future”.


出来る = できる = to be able to do something


言語ガールズ #41

You Can’t Make Me

Blue: It’s important to know how to make negative verbs so you can say things like “I will not go” instead of just “I will go”.

Blue: Making a polite negative verb is easy. Just replace the ます with ません.

Blue: So “I will not go” is 行きません.

Yellow: And “I do not study” is 勉強しません.

Blue: Could you try to choose a more responsible sounding example?

Yellow: 出来ません!