Gengo Girls #51: AAAA

Gengo Girls #51: AAAA

The Japanese word “namae” sounds and awful lot like the English word “name”, which might make you think that one language borrowed it from the other (happens all the time). But in this case no borrowing happened! It’s just a bizarre coincidence that these two different, unrelated languages developed similar words for the idea of “name”.

Also, Gabriela and Schneider are both fairly common German names. This comic is not a reference to any particular Gabriela Schneider. Although in retrospect finding a way to work some obscure movie or historical reference into this strip probably would have been funnier than just choosing a random name…


名前 = なまえ = name


言語ガールズ #51


Blue: In 日本語 you introduce yourself with the phrase 私の名前はNAMEです

Blue: 私はNAMEです is fine too.

Yellow: The family name comes first, right?

Blue: I’m glad you remembered.

Yellow: Let me give it a try:

Yellow: 私の名前は Schneider Gabriela

Blue: But… you’re name isn’t Gabriela Schneider.

Yellow: Wouldn’t it be cool if it was?