Gengo Girls #52: Politely Pleasant

Gengo Girls #52: Politely Pleasant

お願いします is actually two words, お願い (request) and します (polite form of “suru”, to do or to make). It literally translates as “I am humbly making a request” and is a fairly formal way to ask for favors. This is another common phrase that sticks out in most Japanese media, so see if you can find it in your favorite show, book, game or comic.


はじめまして = nice to meet you

よろしく = please treat me well;

please take care of things

お願いします = おねがいします = please (very polite)


言語ガールズ #52

Politely Pleasant

Blue: When you first meet someone it’s polite to say はじめまして

Blue: And after introducing yourself you should say よろしく

Blue: It’s even more polite to say よろしくお願いします instead of plain よろしく

Yellow: So a full introduction would be something like:

Yellow: はじめまして。私はSchneiderです。よろしくお願いします。

Blue: You’re really stuck on this “Schneider” thing, aren’t you?

Yellow: It has four consonants in a row!