Gengo Girls #56: What Was THAT?

Gengo Girls #56: What Was THAT?

Those of you that speak Portuguese or it’s close relative Spanish might recognize “pan” as the word for “bread”. From what I’ve heard the Japanese’s first exposure to western style bread came from Portuguese traders so they adopted the Portuguese word for the food.


朝ご飯 = あさごはん = breakfast

パン = bread


言語ガールズ #56

What Was THAT?

Blue: です has an irregular past tense.

Blue: The polite past tense is でした. The casual past tense is だった.

Blue: But you only use these verbs when comparing nouns to other nouns.

Blue: Talking about adjectives in the past tense has different rules.

Yellow: So I could say “breakfast was bread”?

Blue: 朝ご飯はパンでした

Yellow: But I can’t say “breakfast was tasty”?

Blue: I’m trying to build suspense by leaving that lesson for later.

Yellow: It’s not working.