Gengo Girls #58: Details, Details

Gengo Girls #58: Details, Details

You’ve already seen “dekiru” as a verb meaning “to be able to do”. But when used in the past tense it also means “to have completed”.

This might seem a little confusing, but it actually makes a lot of sense. To be able to do something means being able to complete whatever tasks are associated with that thing. From that perspective it makes a lot of sense to use the same verb for “to be able” and “to complete”.


出来る = できる = to complete; to be able to do

書く = かく = to write


言語ガールズ #58

Details, Details

Yellow: 私は宿題を出来ました!

Yellow: Turned it in right before the teacher walked into class.

Blue: That was really cutting it close.

Blue: What’s wrong?

Yellow: 私の名前を書きませんでした