Gengo Girls #60: Be Prepared

Gengo Girls #60: Be Prepared

and are basically the same letter with just a little extra punctuation to distinguish “ku” from “gu”. It shouldn’t be surprising then that the casual past tenses for words ending in “ku” and “gu” are also almost the same: いた and いだ.


泳ぐ = 泳ぐ = to swim


言語ガールズ #60

Be Prepared

Blue: Verbs that don’t end in “iru” or “eru” have a casual past tense based on their last syllable.

Yellow: I’ll write that down.

Blue: If the verb ends in you replace the with いた.

Blue: 書く(かく) becomes 書いた (かいた).

Yellow: ペンはどこですか

Blue: Similarly if the verb ends in you replace the with いだ.

Blue: 泳ぐ (およぐ) becomes 泳いだ (およいだ).

Yellow: There it is!

Yellow: I was having trouble finding my pen.

Yellow: Could you start over for? I didn’t hear anything you just said.