Gengo Girls #63: Overcompensation

Gengo Girls #63: Overcompensation

As usual the irregular verbs are also super common verbs, which is a good thing because it means you’ll get lots of exposure. After hearing “shita”, “kita” and “itta” a hundred times each you won’t even have to think about conjugating them; the right word for the situation will just pop into your head.


言語ガールズ #63


Yellow: I’m ready for the irregular casual past tense verbs.

Blue: する becomes した

Blue: 来る (くる) becomes 来た (きた)

Blue: 行く (いく) becomes 行った (いった)

Yellow: That’s it?

Blue: That’s it.

Yellow: Then what are we supposed to do with the rest of today’s panels?

Blue: I’m sure you’ll think of something.

Yellow: So three men walk into a bar. One of them has a cat, one of them has a duck and one of them has a baked potato. The bartender turns to the first man and says…

Blue: We don’t have quite THAT much space.