Gengo Girls #64: Good Advice

Gengo Girls #64: Good Advice

We’ve covered a lot of grammar by this point and you should be starting to get a good idea of whether Japanese is something you want to spend a lot of time seriously studying or if you’d rather just keep learning bits and pieces of it at a slow but relaxing pace.

If you are serious now might be the time to buy a real textbook to expand on and reinforce the lessons you’ve learned with Gengo Girls. I would personally suggest Japanese Step By Step by Gene Nishi. It’s a very logical textbook that manages to break down most of the Japanese language into a series of easy to follow flow charts.

And for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of time with an actual textbook: There’s nothing wrong with studying Japanese as a casual hobby and I hope you’ll keep turning to Gengo Girls as a weekly source of Japanese language trivia.


テレビ = television


言語ガールズ #64

Good Advice

Blue: Why don’t we practice our casual past tense by writing down what we did yesterday after school?

Yellow: Good idea!

Blue: Here’s mine.

Blue’s note: 宿題をした。勉強した。本を読んだ。

Yellow: Turns out I didn’t really do much yesterday.

Yellow’s note: テレビを見た。

Blue: Your grades would probably be a lot higher if you applied yourself just a little more.

Yellow: You sound just like my mom!