Gengo Girls #66: Techno-Obsessive

Gengo Girls #66: Techno-Obsessive

Some common adjectives actually come in both “i” and “non-i” flavors. For example, “small” can be written as both “chiisai” and “chiisa na”. In my limited experience the “i” versions are used more often than the “na” flavors, but it’s not like I’ve ever actually counted.


新しい = あたらしい = new

便利 = べんり = convenient, useful


言語ガールズ #66


Blue: Adjectives have different rules depending on whether they end in or not.

Blue: And it has to be an . Other “i” sounds like or don’t count!

Blue: adjectives can be used in “ABです”patterns or placed before a noun.

Yellow: スマホは新しいです。新しいスマホです。

Blue: Non-adjectives can be used in an “ABです”pattern but need an extra when placed before a noun.

Yellow: スマホは便利です。便利なスマホです。

Yellow: That’s a lot of grammar just for talking about smart phones.

Blue: You can use adjectives to talk about other things too…

Yellow: But why would you want to?