Gengo Girls #67: Starting Off Too Easy

Gengo Girls #67: Starting Off Too Easy

Of course you can also use “na adjectives” in casual “A ha B desu” patterns. But since we’re focusing on formal Japanese right now I’ll leave it up to you to find your own examples in your favorite Japanese media.


言語ガールズ #67

Starting Off Too Easy

Blue: Adjectives that don’t end in are sometimes called “na adjectives”.

Yellow: Because they need an extra when placed before a noun.

Blue: Besides the rule these adjectives don’t have any conjugations.

Blue: You can just plug them right into any form of “ABです”.

Yellow: Past?

Blue: スマホは便利でした

Yellow: Negative?

Blue: スマホは便利ではありません

Yellow: Negative past?

Blue: スマホは便利ではありませんでした

Yellow: So our first lesson on adjective conjugation was all about adjectives that don’t need to be conjugated?

Blue: When you put it that way…