Gengo Girls #68: Some Things Never Change

Gengo Girls #68: Some Things Never Change

I guess you could have a language with zero conjugations, but you would have to have a ton of context in every sentence. You couldn’t just say “I went to the store”, you’d have to say “ I [go] to the store in the past”. Which would be just as much work as conjugating your verbs. So hooray for conjugation!


言語ガールズ #68

Some Things Never Change

Blue: When conjugating “ABです” patterns with adjectives you change the adjective but leave the です alone.

Blue: For example: To make a past tense sentence you change the adjective’s to かった.

Yellow: So 新しい would become 新しかった?

Blue: That’s right.

Yellow: And we don’t use でした even though we’re in the past tense?

Blue: Right. We stick with です.

Blue: “The smartphone was new” would be スマホは新しかったです

Yellow: Not conjugating です is nice, but having to conjugate the adjective is lame.

Blue: But if you didn’t conjugate anything how would people know what tense you’re using?