Gengo Girls #75: Internal Clock

Gengo Girls #75: Internal Clock

More fun trivia: In English our days are named after the sun, the moon and five ancient gods (four Norse, one Roman). Which seems kind of odd to me. Why the out of place Roman god? Why Saturday? Why not make them all Norse and go with something like Baldurday instead?


日曜日 = にちようび = Sunday

月曜日 = げつようび = Monday

火曜日 = かようび = Tuesday

水曜日 = すいようび = Wednesday

木曜日 = もくようび = Thursday

金曜日 = きんようび = Friday

土曜日 = どようび = Saturday


言語ガールズ #75

Internal Clock

Blue: It’s important to memorize the days of the week.

Yellow: Cool trivia: The days of the week are named after the sun, the moon and the five Chinese elements.

Yellow: Now we can say things like 今日は金曜日です

Blue: 違います。今日は水曜日です

Yellow: It’s 金曜日 in my heart.

Blue: Your heart can have an early weekend as long as the rest of you still remembers to come to school tomorrow.