Gengo Girls #77: Secret Training Methods

Gengo Girls #77: Secret Training Methods

Learning a language is usually a two step process. First you learn basic grammar and vocabulary. Then you move on to learning the more subtle nuances and exceptions and slang and idioms.

In Gengo Girls we’re only going to cover the most basic of preposition grammar. It will be enough to get you started but won’t really explain everything.

To go further you’re going to need an intermediate book like Essential Japanese Grammar. This book lists several dozen common-but-hard-to-fully-understand words and clearly explains exactly how they should and shouldn’t be used. For example, it has seven whole pages devoted to the different ways to use the preposition “ni”.

You’re probably not ready for a book like that just yet, but you might want to look it up after you’ve been studying for a year or two and have finished mastering the basics.


言語ガールズ #77

Secret Training Methods

Blue: Most English prepositions don’t directly match up to a single 日本語 word.

Blue: Look at a simple word like “in”.

Blue: Depending on the sentence it might be translated as or or be dropped entirely.

Yellow: So I can’t just memorize some preposition vocabulary and be done?

Blue: Nope. To properly translate prepositions we’re going to need a deeper understanding of 日本語.

Yellow: Do we get this deeper understanding by meditating under a waterfall?

Blue: We get it by studying grammar books.