Gengo Girls #78: From The Heart

Gengo Girls #78: From The Heart

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! This comic may not look very Christmas-y but here in Oklahoma it’s not that unusual to get a rather brown or light green Christmas. On the other hand, some years we get ice storms and snow. Never a dull moment when it comes to Oklahoma weather.


友達 = ともだち = friend


言語ガールズ #78

From The Heart

Blue: から is an easy word because it’s almost identical to the English “from”.

Blue: You use it talk about origins and starting points.

Yellow: Physical starting points are easy, like saying “I came from America” with アメリカから.

Blue: You can talk about starting points in time too, like “starting on Monday” with 月曜日から.

Yellow: You can also talk about where things came from. Like using 友達から to describe a “present from a friend”.

Blue: A Christmas Present? How thoughtful!

Blue: Now I feel guilty that I didn’t get you anything.

Yellow: Well, Christmas isn’t until tomorrow and plenty of stores are still open…