Gengo Girls #80: The Knights Who Say…

Gengo Girls #80: The Knights Who Say...

We haven’t actually covered the right verb for saying things like “There are books at the library”, but I promise to cover that as soon as we finish with our basic lessons on prepositions.


公園 = こうえん = park

= うち = house


言語ガールズ #80

The Knights Who Say…

Blue: is one of the most flexible and important of all 日本語 prepositions.

Yellow: Then why did we wait until our fifth preposition lesson to talk about it?

Blue: The simplest use of is to mark locations: In the park. 公園に. At my house. 家に.

Yellow: Can’t we also us to mark locations?

Blue: You use when the location helps the verb happen: “I am studying in the library”.

Blue: You use when telling where something is at: “There are books at the library”.

Yellow: What if I say I’m studying at the library, but I’m not actually using the library to study?

Blue: I’m pretty sure there isn’t special grammar for telling fibs.