Gengo Girls #81: Here There Be Dragons

Gengo Girls #81: Here There Be Dragons

Quick tip for remembering that means “under”: It’s a horizontal line with another line hanging “under” it. The opposite is (うえ), which means “above” and has a line above the horizontal.


学校 = がっこう = school

= した = under, below


言語ガールズ #81

Here There Be Dragons

Blue: English has a lot of prepositions that show location. Above, behind, inside and so on.

Yellow: I had to write a preposition based story in elementary school.

Yellow: I called it: “The Horror Beneath The School”.

Blue: Anyways, in 日本語 location prepositions have to be combined with another word like or .

Blue: And you link them to objects with the pattern: Object Location

Blue: That means “beneath the school” would be 学校の下に

Yellow: Isn’t possessive?

Blue: Yes it is.

Yellow: So 学校の下に is literally “In the school’s beneath”?

Blue: Some things shouldn’t be translated word for word. Just go with “beneath the school”.