Gengo Girls #98: Deliberate Word Choice

Gengo Girls #98: Deliberate Word Choice

History was probably my least favorite subject in school. It seemed like it was just a bunch of unrelated trivia you had to memorize and the class moved so quickly you never really had time to study any particular event or issue in depth.

History is much more fun outside the school system. With no schedule to follow you’re free to really study in depth the causes and effects of whatever historic events catch your eye. Plus there are no tests to dock you points for forgetting how to spell the names of ancient historical figures.


科学 = かがく = science

歴史 = れきし = history

数学 = すうがく = math

体育 = たいいく = P.E.

文学 = ぶんがく = literature


言語ガールズ #98

Deliberate Word Choice

Blue: Let’s go over some useful vocabulary for talking about school:

Yellow: What can we do with that vocab?

Blue: Lots of things, like talking about homework.

Blue: 今日の宿題は数学です

Yellow: Ok… let me give something a try.

Yellow: 私は歴史が嫌いです

Blue: Ummm… do you remember how we talked about 嫌い being a pretty strong word?

Yellow: Oh I remember all right.