Gengo Girls #100: Big Round Numbers

Gengo Girls #100: Big Round Numbers

Yes, I purposely manipulated lesson order to make sure the kanji for 100 was introduced in strip 100. My deepest apologies.


= ひゃく = hundred

= せん = thousand

= まん = ten thousand


言語ガールズ #100

Big Round Numbers

Blue: Here are some numbers for counting above 99.

Blue: Just like with you can put numbers before each word to tell how many hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands you have.

Yellow: And just like with you can add smaller numbers to the total by putting them after.

Yellow: So a big number like 5,312 would be 五千三百十二

Blue: That might look confusing but it’s easy to split apart: 五千 plus 三百 plusplus.

Yellow: Counting in 日本語 is pretty easy. I wonder why we waited until strip 100 to talk about… oh wait… are you serious!?

Blue: Congratulations! You’ve made it through strips of 言語ガールズ.