Gengo Girls #104: Participle Are Not Gerunds

Gengo Girls #104: Participle Are Not Gerunds

In English we also use -ing both to talk about ongoing verbs and to turn verbs into nouns. I am eating (ongoing verb). Eating is important (verb as noun).

But in Japanese the te-imasu form is ONLY for ongoing verbs. Using verbs as nouns uses different rules that we’ll probably eventually get around to.


言語ガールズ #104

Participle Are Not Gerunds

Blue: One of the most important uses of the conjugation is talking about things that are happening right now.

Yellow: Isn’t that what the present tense is for?

Blue: The present tense let’s you say things like “I eat dinner every day”, but the conjugation lets you say “I am eating dinner right now”.

Yellow: Oh! The -ing conjugation.

Blue: To say “I am X-ing” in 日本語 you use the conjugation followed by います.

Yellow: So 食べる is “eat” but 食べています is “am eating”.

Blue: Now we can have more natural sounding conversations.

Yellow: Good. All these supernatural sounding conversations were creeping me out.