Gengo Girls #106: And I’ll Form The Verb!

Gengo Girls #106: And I'll Form The Verb!

It’s always nice when new grammar is actually just old grammar being recycled for new purposes.


言語ガールズ #106

And I’ll Form The Verb!

Blue: The います in て います is just the polite form of いる.

Blue: That means you can use other いる conjugations to make other sorts of “-ing” sentences.

Yellow: Like using plain いる to be casual. “I am writing” as 書いている instead of 書いています.

Blue: Sometimes people don’t pronounce the in the casual form, so it can also be 書いてる.

Yellow: And I guess you can talk about the past too. Like “I was writing” with書いていました.

Blue: And of course you could make a casual past “-ing” sentence too.

Blue: So by combining the conjugation and いる conjugation rules we get a new set of conjugations.

Yellow: It would be cooler if they combined into some sort of giant grammar robot.