Gengo Girls #111: Good Bad Luck

Gengo Girls #111: Good Bad Luck

This comic uses “te” in both it’s ongoing verb form and its make a request form. If you can’t tell which is which you should probably reread the last half-dozen strips. After all, repetition is how we learn.


= あめ = rain

降る = ふる = to precipitate/fall

= かさ = umbrella

返す かえす = to loan

断る = ことわる = to refuse


言語ガールズ #111

Good Bad Luck

Yellow: 雨が降っています

Blue: そうですね

Yellow: 私に傘を返して下さい

Blue: 断ります

Yellow: What!? Why?!

Blue: The last umbrellas I lent you all mysteriously disappeared.

Yellow: Lose one more to me and it’ll be Lucky Sevens!

Blue: I don’t think a lucky amount of bad luck is worth much.