Gengo Girls #113: The Red One’s Are Even Quicker

Gengo Girls #113: The Red One's Are Even Quicker

You might have noticed that the word for “fast” sounds the same as the word for “early” even though they use different kanji (both are pronounced hayai). This is easy to remember because “If you’re always going fast you’ll get everywhere early”.


速い = はやい = fast

帰る = かえる = to return / to go home


言語ガールズ #113

The Red One’s Are Even Quicker

Blue: You use adjectives to describe nouns.

Yellow: The quick fox.

Blue: And you use adverbs to describe verbs.

Yellow: The fox runs quickly.

Blue: In English many adverbs are just modified adjectives.

Yellow: Quickly is just the adverb form of the adjective “quick”.

Blue: In 日本語 you can change an adjective into an adverb by changing the to .

Blue: If it’s a adjective replace the with a .

Blue: So 速い would become 速く.

Yellow: As in 速く 帰りましょう because there’s a new episode of my favorite TV show coming on in fifteen minutes.