Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 1: Let’s Do What Now?

I’ve always wished I could draw but I’ve never quite had the discipline to put in the daily practice required to learn the skill. This is a real shame because the ability to produce half-decent character art would be a really valuable skill for a hobbyist game developer like me.

So I’ve hit on a plan. Why don’t I illustrate my most recent Dark Souls 3 playthrough and post it on the Internet? Illustrating a game means I won’t run out of ideas of what to sketch and posting it online should help shame me into actually keeping up a regular schedule.

But why should you care? Because this isn’t just any Dark Souls playthrough, it’s a gimmick run! I’ve created a build I call the “Luck Knight” that focuses on pumping it’s luck super high instead of spending points on stats that actually help with killing monsters.

The rules of the Luck Knight build are as follows:

  • Starting class: Thief
  • Luck must always be the highest stat
  • Vitality, Vigor and Endurance can be raised no higher than half of luck
  • All other stats are capped at one third of luck


That means that if my luck is 30 then my vitality can be no higher than 15 and my strength is stuck at 10.

It also means that if I want to use something like a katana with an 16 dexterity stat requirement I will have to first boost my luck to 48.

So basically I’m going to be stuck with the thief class’s starting stats for a very long time.

At least I got the right number of limbs. It's a start, right?

At least I got the right number of limbs. It’s a start, right?