Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 5: A Burning Question

Last time Fault found enough upgrade materials to give one of her weapons a +1 bonus.

Equally important is the fact that she still has the fire stone she selected as a starting gift. This can be used to imbue a weapon with fire, which removes normal stat bonuses in exchange for a set amount of fire damage. Ex: A normal axe does extra damage based on how strong you are but a fire axe does the same damage no matter what your stats are.

Our luck build means that our stat bonuses are all horrible anyways so we should come out ahead in this deal. In fact, that’s why we picked this starting gift.

Most people can't draw hands, but I really have no excuse for also failing to draw a simple cube.

Most people can’t draw hands, but I really have no excuse for also failing to draw a simple cube.

But Fault only has enough materials to upgrade on of her weapons, meaning we have to decide between our rapier and our bandit knife. The rapier does more damage and has longer range but the bandit knife has a bleed effect that does bonus damage if you hit the same enemy enough times in a row.

In the end Fault goes with the rapier. It turns out that a fire bandit knife does slightly less bleed damage than a normal bandit knife and it seems a shame to mess with the weapon’s gimmick. Of course, neglecting to upgrade it means we won’t use it as often which means we won’t see the bleed effect anyways but, meh, decision making is hard.

With our shiny new +1 Fire Rapier in hand we go to tackle the first non-tutorial boss which, of course, absolutely destroys Fault over a dozen times in a row despite the fact that I’m doing a better job at dodging his attacks and exploiting his openings than ever before. Tune in next time to find out why.