Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 7: The Quest For Pants

Defeating Vordt gives Fault access to the Undead Settlement, a rural farming community full of undead. Not really sure why though. Was it a normal farming town where everyone went hollow all at once or did a bunch of hollow decide to get together and take up gardening as a way of fighting off madness?

Anyways, Fault has more pressing issues than wondering about the history of undead agriculture. Her armor still sucks and she’s tired of scandalously flashing her ankles for the whole world to see. It’s time for a quest for pants.

Thanks to our high luck Fault manages to rob a pair of worker’s pants off the first undead villager she murders. Unfortunately it turns out to be completely worthless having even less stat bonuses than the “Deserter’s Trousers” we started the game with. Same problem with the cleric pants we find on a corpse later on in the area. So for now we’re stuck with our silly ragged shorts because as much as Fault hates running around with cold legs she hates getting stabbed to death even more.

But wait! Killing Vordt means we now have a bonfire right next to a group of three knights. Knights that dropped all sorts of awesome armor when I killed them in an earlier file.

Thus launches Operation Metal Pants which basically boils down to killing those three enemies, looting their corpses and then running back to the bonfire to start the whole cycle again in hopes of eventually getting a good armor set. The plan does have some slight kinks, mostly revolving around the fact that fighting heavily armored enemies while virtually naked yourself is kind of difficult, but eventually the drops start piling up.

And what drops they are! Fault’s high luck is already paying off as I’m inundated by cool drops I never saw on my earlier files: Free embers, powerful swords, cool shields and a ton of crossbows. But, frustratingly enough, no pants. The one piece of armor I always found on my non-luck files becomes the only piece of equipment I fail to find after killing several dozen of the things. Instead they just keep dropping these awesome weapons I don’t (and probably will never) have the stats to use.

Well, whatever. Function is more important than form so I dramatically boost my armor by throwing on a full steel helm and some gauntlets and warp back to the Undead Settlement with Fault still stuck in her breezy shorts.

Finally switched from Gimp to an actual illustration program, Manga Studio. It's nice but obviously not a miracle worker.

Finally switched from Gimp to an actual illustration program, Manga Studio. It’s nice but obviously not a miracle worker.