Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 8: The Bigger They Are…

Last time Fault killed several dozen heavily armored knights but failed to find even a single pair of intact knight leggings. So for now she’s settled on wearing a big heavy helmet and is pushing on ahead through the Undead Settlement.

Not that there’s really much to do in the Undead Settlement aside from saving a few NPCs and collecting some upgrade materials all of which can be done pretty quickly if you know where to look. After that there’s really nothing preventing you from dodge rolling past a few mobs of enraged zombie villagers and taking the elevator down to the next area.

I'm a big advocate of the Hanna-Barbera approach to adventuring

I’m a big advocate of the Hanna-Barbera approach to adventuring

On the other hand I happen to know the Undead Settlement has a bonus boss that’s absolutely terrifying until you find the weakness in their attack pattern at which point it becomes free XP. And boy could I use some free XP.

So off I go to manipulate the AI of a giant tree.

If anybody wants to know the trick to killing the giant cursed tree it’s this: Get to the second stage of the fight and then stay barely out of range of its melee attacks. This will usually result in the tree trying to crush you by standing up really tall and then falling over. The huge windup on the attack makes it easy to dodge and afterwards the enemy will be stunned for several seconds during which you can stab its zombie arm weak spot repeatedly. Can be a bit tedious if you don’t do a lot of damage per hit (That’s my Fault!) but it’s pretty easy to eventually win.