Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 10: Maybe Everything Isn’t Always Horrible

Last time Fault made a friend. This time it’s back to stabbing people along the road of sacrifice and things are actually going pretty well. Fault started the game as an under-leveled, under-equipped thief with a crippling build gimmick. Fault is now a properly-leveled pseudo-knight wielding a +3 fire rapier that almost makes up for her crippling build gimmick. Which means I’m actually making pretty good progress without constantly dying.

It's a little disappointing that fire weapons don't actually look like they're one fire.

It’s a little disappointing that fire weapons don’t actually look like they’re one fire.

Fun fact: There are actually two exits from the road of sacrifice. On my first playthrough I completely missed one of them and wound up completely skipping an entire early-level dungeon in favor of jumping straight into mid-game content. Didn’t find the other area until I ran out of bosses to fight and did some extreme backtracking. This time around I’ll be avoiding that little slip-up and fighting the bosses in the actual “correct” order.