Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls Part 13: Power Underwhelming

Last time Fault looted all the obvious treasure from the outskirts of the Chapel of the Deep. This time it’s back to the road of sacrifice to poke around the various ruins and swampy corners we ignored before. This yields some awesome treasure including the Farron Coal (which I completely forget was hidden here).

Bringing coals back to Andre unlocks new weapon upgrades and one of the Farron Coal upgrades is poison. Poison is one of the few weapon stats that supposedly scales with luck so we’ll be taking advantage of this as soon as we can find a poison stone to work with.

So we take the second exit out of the Road of Sacrifice and end up in the swampy Farron Keep which is full of poison slugs and toxic swamp water (But no leeches. Yay!). Fault then stabs her way through about twelve slugs and lo and behold one of them drops a poison stone. I must say that farming with a luck score is pretty neat.

Back at base Fault has Andre infuse her old bandit knife with poison. This not only adds the poison effect, it improves the existing bleed effect. Damage per-hit unfortunately takes a bit of dive but that’s what the fire rapier is for. Our new poison dagger will be for hit and run tactics against tough targets that we don’t want to fight outright.

Or at least that’s the plan. I have no idea how well poison works in Dark Souls 3 but it scales off of luck so this would be a pretty sad luck build if I didn’t try it at least once. (Update: It’s not that great. Most normal enemies are faster to just kill than to poison while most bosses are virtually immune to status ailments. Fault will be sticking with her rapier.)

This zombie feels mildly inconvenienced by having been poisoned.

This zombie feels mildly inconvenienced by having been poisoned.