Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 16: Fault, Private Eye

Now that Fault has cursed her very soul in exchange for five cheap levels I give the Abyss Watchers another go and manage to barely squeeze out a win.

Back at the shrine my high hollowing and game progress seems to have caused a mysterious lady in armor to appear. Apparently she thinks hollowing is pretty nifty and has plans for making Fault queen of the world or something. Plans that start with marrying her off to some nobleman or other.

I consider playing along but decide to check the wiki first to see just what this side quest involves and discover a full page of instructions on dozens of fiddly little things that have to be done at just the right time in the plot or else you spoil the quest forever. That’s more pressure than I want to deal with in an open world RPG so I politely wave goodbye to the creepy lady and add “Remove The Undead Curse Before Things Get Weird” to Fault’s to-do list. (To do so I need to find a hidden item I already know about and then gather up five levels worth of souls all at once which might be a bit trickier).

But how about some good news? Fault has finally decided to replace the last few bits of her thief armor and is now sporting the Fallen Knight set (but with her trusty Lordric Helmet and Gauntlets). This particular set is an amazing piece of medium armor but is most notable for having a dusty brown cape that looks kind of like a trench coat from behind. So if you want to pull off the hard boiled detective look here’s your chance.

According to Google noir is "a genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity." which sure sounds like Dark Souls to me.

According to Google noir is “a genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.” which sure sounds like Dark Souls to me.

Anyways, with the Abyss watchers out of the way Fault can head to the catacombs which are full of regenerating skeletons with extremely aggressive attack patterns. Fault’s lack of faith means no holy weapons which puts her at a big disadvantage when it comes to fighting here.

So instead of fighting I just dodge roll my way between bonfires and head straight to the boss.

Now normally this would be a horrible idea. The Luck Knight gimmick means we usually want to be over-leveled for bosses but skipping an entire area worth of XP has left us a bit on the weak side.

But don’t worry, the next boss is a gimmick boss and thus requires practice more than stats.

Basically he’s a giant skeleton who is only being tied to this realm by those big gold bracelets he’s wearing. Breaking bracelets does huge damage to the boss and smashing all three is a guaranteed victory. Admittedly it takes some experimentation to figure out how to best attack the bracelets without getting smashed but once you’ve got thing figured out this guy is easy.