Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 19: A Blast From The Past

Now that our Luck Knight has a Lucky Sword we can legitimately fight our way through the prison, earning enough souls from combat and consumed items to finally heal Fault’s little hollowing problem. We then take the prison’s secondary exit and wind up in the Profane Capitol which houses Yor the Giant, Lord of Cinder.

Is Fault strong enough to fight such a powerful Lord of Cinder? Surely this will push her to the limits of her skill and beyond…

Ha ha, just kidding. It’s a gimmick boss and a huge call back to Demon’s Souls. As long as you have enough health to survive the occasional hit this is easy.

Fault dodge rolls into the room and grabs the Storm Ruler great sword lying nearby. I then use my l33t gamer skills to run away from the boss while navigating the menu system and equipping the Storm Ruler, which is heavy enough I have to remove Fault’s helmet in order to stay light enough to dodge roll.

This rare glimpse of Fault’s actual face leaves me wondering why in the world I chose the ugly bed head hair style for the poor girl. Hopefully the DLC will introduce a barber NPC.

Anyways, once you have the sword the rest of the fight is easy. Two hand the weapon and hold down the weapon skill button to summon a small tornado around the blade. Slowly walk backwards while charging in order to avoid the boss. If necessary dodge roll. It interrupts the charge but is better than dying. Once you finally get a full charge keep holding down the skill button and then tap attack in order to unleash a brutal wind slash that should eat up around 20% of Yor’s health. Repeat four more times and you win.

Dark Souls joke or actual Oklahoma weather forecast?

Dark Souls joke or actual Oklahoma weather forecast?