Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 20: The Enemy Of My Enemy

The good news is that Fault managed to kill a gimmick boss Lord of Cinder. The bad news is that he was the last gimmick boss in the main game and from here on out we have to actually fight enemies to win. Fault is probably going to need some new levels.

That means it’s time to explore one of the optional bonus dungeons! Fault warps back to the catacombs and makes her way to the rickety old rope bridge. A single poke causes the whole thing to fall apart. While this originally might seem like a trap designed to punish anyone caught fighting the dozens of skeletons in the area it actually serves a deeper purpose. Give the broken bridge a moment to stop bouncing around and you can actually use its remains as a ladder to descend to the Smoldering Lake.

On the way you have to fight Diablo, Lord of Terror. Or at least his generic mini-boss cousin. Fault’s attacks barely dent the thing’s health bar but I eventually win with the following clever strategy.

1) Watch the demon accidentally charge it’s way into a pit full of skeletons

2) Come up with a plan for using Fault’s newly gained high ground advantage for endless dive attacks

3) Stare in confusion as the skeletons friendly fire the demon to death before I jump even once

Must be that luck score at work.

As long as I still get the XP...

As long as I still get the XP…