Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 24: Suspiciously Like Work

My favorite mid-level grinding spot is probably the Yor the Giant bonfire, which is only fifty or so feet away from three gargoyles and a dozen cultists. Killing them all is worth around 20,000 souls and while they aren’t exactly super-easy to fight the fact they’re so close to the bonfire means it’s easy to retrieve your souls and retreat if you goof up and die.

At the moment I only need 12,000 or so souls per level so I’m basically getting a level and a half for every run.

After a little farming I raise Fault’s luck to 40 (because that’s a nice round number) and then boost her Vitality to 20 (another nice round number) and her stamina and endurance to 15 each. This also means I have enough excess equip load to upgrade my armor ever so slightly by buying the Outsider Pants the shop lady has been selling ever since I killed a couple unique enemies in the Farron Woods.

Side Note: Fault’s luck score is finally high enough to actually qualify for her starting dexterity of 13. We are finally 100% in line with our Luck Knight build restrictions.

What a silly way to play the game.

What a silly way to play the game.