Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 25: No One Expects The Lordric Inquisition

After a few tries and a few burnt embers Fault emerges victorious from her battle against Aldritch. Having defeated the third Lord of Cinder she is magically transported back to the High Wall and receives a final desperate quest from a dying priestess: Find Prince Lothric and remind him that he really needs to go be a Lord of Cinder too.

Clever players might have noticed that there were four empty thrones, not three. I was not clever.

Clever players might have noticed that there were four empty thrones, not three. I was not clever.

While I suppose being teleported here is nice (since that means we don’t have to find this cutscene on our own) it’s also kind of annoying because with Aldritch dead we can go loot the empty throne room of Anor Londo for a ring of fast healing which is great since most of Fault’s current rings are kind of lame. So we ignore the dying woman’s last request and run off to the nearest bonfire.

A few minutes later, ring in hand and souls well spent, Fault returns to the high wall and attempts a ritual meant to open the path to Lothric castle. She also, coincidentally, finally finds the Lothric Knight Leggings she was looking for way back at the beginning of her quest for pants. But too little too late, I already have better stuff.

What was I talking about? Oh right, the Lothric castle ritual. Starting the ritual summons the Boreal Dancer, a giant armored gypsy looking monster with a pair of sweeping swords that let her threaten pretty much the entire room all at once. Her back story is kind of sad. Apparently she was a noble who got on the wrong side of Sulliman and was “rewarded” with an assignment to become a traveling warrior. Even got some sweet magic equipment out of the deal. But the curse of the Pontiff eventually drove her made and remade her into a beast just like what happened with good old Voldt.

Speaking of Voldt, remember how he kept killing Fault due to having a two hit combo that she didn’t have enough health to survive? Well the dancer is that fight all over again but worse. Her more powerful combos are deadly enough to knock away Fault’s shield and kill her in two hits which means that even though I can dodge it 90% of the time the other 10% finish me off.

Looks like now is a great time to run around exploring older areas in hopes of finding cool treasure (that Fault probably can’t use) and earning enough souls to level up a few more times.