Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 31: Darn It Jim, I’m A Luck Knight Not A Doctor

With the creepy dark bonus area of the way Fault is now back to exploring Lothric Castle and is making much better progress thanks to her new armor and levels. It doesn’t take her long at all to fight past a few waves of soldiers and reach a convenient bonfire placed just before a big old castle guarded by twin dragons that barbecue anything that tries to get close to the castle gate.

Back in my generic file I just super-tanked the flames and dodge rolled to the exit but Fault can’t do that which leads me to discover that if you drop off the bridge in front of the castle there’s a little path that lets you sneak up behind the dragons. It looks like they’re both being controlled by some sort of ooze parasite. Killing the sentient infection kills the dragons and the path to the castle’s first plot boss is now clear.

I must admit it's not often an action game leaves me thinking "If only Dr. Mario were here".

I must admit it’s not often an action game leaves me thinking “If only Dr. Mario were here”.

The so called Dragon Rider Armor looks kind of like someone took one of the most infamous armored bosses from Dark Souls 1 and then stuck him in the microwave until he started melting. This boss hits hard and can enchant his weapon with lightning but he’s fairly easy to circle strafe and can’t do much to you as long as you stay behind him. Just be warned that the bizarre dragon-sized butterflies floating nearby will occasionally bombard the arena with magic which forces you to worry about dodging two attack patterns at once.