Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 32: Are We There Yet?

Last time Fault killed yet another plot boss and is now allowed to enter the second half of the Lothric Castle mega-dungeon: a giant library filled with forbidden knowledge. It also has a crystal sorcerer just like the one we fought as a boss back at the road of sacrifice. You did read the lore attached to his soul/items and remember that there were two of them, right?

Every time you hurt the crystal sage miniboss he moves a little further up the library tower and he proves a constant soul spear spamming nuisance until you finally kill him.

Fortunately the dungeon’s other gimmick is much more fun. You probably noticed that all of the sorcerer NPCs in the library have giant candles on their heads. There are also giant vats of wax you can dunk your head in if you want your own candle hat.

“Why would you want a candle hat?” you ask.

“Why wouldn’t you want a candle hat?” I counter.

I guess if you absolutely need a reason there is the fact that the candle renders you immune to the ghostly hands that reach out of various shelves and books and curse you to death.

So get a candle head, avoid the curses, fight your way upwards, make a quick trip outside, fight some gargoyles make it to the top and finally face off with a classic FromSoftware encounter: A trio of violent adventurers made up of a warrior, a ranger and a sorcerer.

But at this point the dungeon has dragged on long enough so Fault just dodge rolls past them and the entire army they brought for backup in order to reach the boss arena and a convenient nearby elevator that drops her near the bonfire she unlocked after killing the Dragon Rider Armor. Somewhere during this process she also finds a rare titanite slab and boosts her hollow rapier to a full +10 but I ain’t telling you where in case you want the joy of finding it yourself. (And if you don’t there’s always the wiki.)

If it works it works.

If it works it works.