Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 33: Stuck Playing Checkers On A 4D Chessboard

Last time Fault dodge rolled past hundreds of hours worth of game design in order to jump straight to the next boss: The sickly prince Lothric.

It looks like it should be an easy win, but you’re not fighting the sick prince. No, you’re fighting his brother who happens to be an armored giant with a flaming sword and the ability to teleport.

Now conceptually I really like this fight. Teleportation is a cool gimmick and it forces you to abandon all your old ideas about managing range because there is no such thing as “keeping a safe distance” from an enemy that can spontaneously blink across the entire room.

I'm pretty sure Sun Tzu forgot to cover this particular scenario

I’m pretty sure Sun Tzu forgot to cover this particular scenario

The problem here, like with most interesting Dark Souls fights, is the camera. Sometimes your camera follows the boss after he teleports, making it easy to block or dodge his next attack. Other times it doesn’t forcing you to spin around wildly looking for the boss while mashing the lock-on button and hoping you don’t get backstabbed or hit by a shockwave in the process.

If the camera always stayed locked on that would be great. If it never followed the teleport I could manage. But it’s this randomness that (literally) kills me. Again and again. Every once and a while I get him to his second stage but I never quite win.

Ok, let’s take a break from Prince hunting and go explore the last optional area in hopes of getting Fault a few more levels.