Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 34: Leap Of Faith

So where is that last bonus dungeon hiding?

Remember how after killing the Consumed King we learned the Way of the Dragon gesture? Well if you head back to Irithyl Dungeon and poke around a bit you’ll eventually find a bunch of corpses along with a petrified dragon man all doing that exact same pose on a certain cliff. There’s even a little rug set out with just enough room for you to squeeze in. Settle into some dragon meditation and then wait for a bit and you’ll be transported the Archdragon Peak.

Like the name suggests it’s a giant dragon themed mountain temple.

The main enemy in the region are dragon snake people who alternate between fighting with weapons, breathing fire and snapping at you with their creepy extending necks. Fight past a couple groups of them and you very suddenly reach the first boss of the area: A giant and nigh invulnerably ancient wyvern.

A helpful note on the ground suggests trying a plunging attack, but the only way to get above the dragon is by navigating through enemy filled ruins all while the wyvern lobs fire at you. But Fault is the master of dodge rolling and makes it to the plunge point with easy and grace.

She then falls horribly to her death because apparently you have to plunge attack from just the right spot to hit the wyvern’s head and if you accidentally position yourself two extra feet to the right you just graze the thing’s neck and then splat against the ground.

Wile E. Coyote, I feel your pain

Wile E. Coyote, I feel your pain

But whatever. It’s not like dodge rolling to the top of the ruins was particularly hard and on Fault’s third try she sticks her rapier into the wyvern’s head and skewer’s it’s brain Skyrim style. She’s then rewarded with a ton of souls and teleported to the next portion of the dungeon (which thankfully has a bonfire right at the entrance so we can go spend those souls before we lose them).