Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 2: Bandit Driven Adventure Economy

With all of her paperwork properly signed in triplicate and the emperor’s documents safely stuck in her inventory Fault is finally released into the wide world of Morrowind, free to do as she pleases. Of course she’s only level 1 and I’ve never actually played the game before so what she pleases is to talk to everyone and beg for advice.

Our first big tip comes from the local merchant who apparently instantly recognizes Fault as a video game protagonist because he wastes no time in suggesting that we might enjoy going to a nearby cave and killing the thugs that live there.

I was a little worried about what a level 1 semi-wizard could do against hardened criminals but there’s only three of them and they’re spaced far enough apart you can kill one and then head back to town to rest up if you want. So fault imagines herself a demonic dagger into existence and stabs some bad people (having Conjuration as a major skill means we start with the Bound Dagger spell. Only lasts 60 seconds but that’s enough for one fight).

Once the thugs are dead we release their slaves and loot all their chests and crates which contain a surprisingly diverse mixture of potions, weapons of all types, light armors, heavy armors and spell scrolls. Why it’s almost as if this entire mini-dungeon was specifically designed for handing out starting equipment to new players!

But Fault’s on a no equipment run so she just sells all of it. Well, most of it. One of the thieves we looted had nicer pants than Fault along with a cool looking shirt and that’s not the sort of thing you can just pass up. Clothing items in Morrowing change your appearance but provide no actual equipment bonuses so rest assured I’m not breaking my gimmick rules.

It's not actually murder if you're a hero and they're bandits. Everyone knows that.

It’s not actually murder if you’re a hero and they’re bandits. Everyone knows that.